How to keep your valuables safe while travelling?

how to keep your valuables safe while traveling

How many times I’ve heard this question? I believe this topic is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to travelling. No matter what destination, by the way.

There are so many things I don’t want to loose but don’t want to travel without them either. So what to do?

First of all, say loud this sentence overtime you worry about your valuables: Everything is replaceable. Almost everything! So, don’t bring that necklace you got from your grandmother when you turned 16. Don’t carry stuff you have an emotional bond. But even if you loose it, remember, the memories never get stolen.

I carry quite a lot of gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Kindle, mirrorless camera, GoPro action camera and complementaries. Of course I always take my passport, cash money and credit cards. Luckily I have never lost anything or nothing got stolen. I hope it remains this way.

I follow some simple rules which I want to share with you, in case you haven’t heard of them yet.

Use that safe in your hotel room

The first thing I do after I check in my room I store my valuable stuff in the safe which is available in most of the hotel rooms. Oooh… By the way don’t choose your birthday as code 🙂

Bring your own portable safe

Life safer! Since I have my portable Travelsafe 12L of PacSafe I don’t need to worry about if there is a safe in the room or not. Rooms in B&Bs or Guesthouses mostly don’t include a safe but they happened to be the most price-worthy type of accommodations. So don’t let the missing safe stop you from staying in a local family run cosy accommodation. Take your safe with you.

Well, yes I can store my passport, cash, credit cards and all that in the safe, but what about my camera and iPhone? Most of the time I carry them with me.

Who doesn’t? I need my phone to call, navigate, take notes and many other things. And I also want my mirrorless camera always with me to take a picture of that beautiful sunset.

So what to do?

Don’t walk alone at night

Well, also an obvious rule. No matter if woman or man, always have a companion when you are out at night. If you have to, then learn how to protect yourself.

Don’t leave your stuff unattended at the beach

This is a never-ending dilemma for me and my partner. We always look for lonely beaches away from the crowds, but then worry about our bags when we go snorkelling together.

How to keep your valuables safe at the beach?

If I know in advance that I’m heading to the beach I leave all my valuables including my iPhone and camera in the room. I take only my GoPro, which is waterproof and I take it to make underwater photos ans videos anyway.

If I go out for a water activity like kayaking or snorkelling on a boat tour I take my 20L waterproof dry bag, where I can store all my gadgets and valuables. This way I can keep my valuables always with me.

I also carry a lightweight waterproof bag into which my iPhone, money, credit cards, etc. would fit in easily. When I go into the water I take the lightweight waterproof bag and attach to my swimsuit. This way I still can be spontaneous and have a break at the beach without worrying too much.

Warning: Always check your waterproof bags in advance at home with other (light and heavy) items if they really keep what they promise.

Avoid “No Go” neighbourhoods

These kind of neighbourhoods exist almost everywhere, yes even in European cities. You should check in advance which neighbourhoods you should avoid. The best source for such information are the locals  themselves. If you don’t know any locals, ask the hotel receptionist or the host of your guesthouse.

Don’t get drunk!

I mean drink as much as you can cope with. And don’t leave your drink unattended. I heard so many bad stories from my friends who had to experience that awfully dangerous liquid drug which literally knocks you out.

Keep your bag close to you when travelling in a bus or train

If I’m going to sleep in a public place, I keep my money, passport and credit cards on me, hidden in my pockets. A money belt can also help.

I put my other valuable gadgets into my day pack which I lock with a cable lock to my seat so that I realise in case unwanted hands want to take it away from me. I position my bag also between my arms or behind my back so that nobody can easily open it up while I’m snoring and dreaming deeply.

Carry a “anti-theft” bag

Keep in my mind! Most of the pickpockets cut through either your bag to get inside it without you recognising it or they cut the strap to steal and run away with it.



The handbag and the day pack of PacSafe have exactly the safety features to protect against those kind of pickpockets. The embedded steel web inside the bag and the splash-guard strap are only some of those features.

It sounds like travelling is so dangerous that you have to think of such precautions. It is NOT. Believe me. You need to be aware of your surroundings everywhere, not only when you travel. So consider applying these tips also in your home-town.

For more useful travel items check my Packing List.

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how to keep your valuables safe while traveling

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