2 weeks in Mexico – Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary - 2 weeks in Mexico Yucatan

Mexico is a huge and offers a wide variety of things to do and see overall in the country. So before you go, you should decide what you want to do and see in Mexico. For me it was visiting the ruins of the Mayan cities, swimming in a natural sinkhole and snorkeling. Therefore I chose to travel in the Yucatan Region.

But of course I couldn’t skip Mexico City! If you follow my blog you probably already know that I love big cities. So started my itinerary clearly in Mexico City.

Travel Itinerary for 2 weeks in Mexico

3 days in Mexico City

As in most city trips you will need at least 3 days in Mexico City.

Things to do in Mexico City
  • National Museum of Anthropology to learn about the Mayan and Aztec cultures and a lot more
  • Coyoacán to visit Casa Azul (blue house) where Frida Kahlo was lived for almost all her life.
  • Palacio Nacional for Diego Rivera’s murals
  • Centro Historico for the Catedral Metropolitana and Palacio de Bellas Artes
Day trips from Mexico City
  • Teotihuacan for Aztec Ancient City
  • Xochimilco for a colourful boat ride in the canals

Where to stay in Mexico City

Check booking.com and agoda.com for all sorts of accommodation. I stayed at Hotel El Ejecutivo which is very central, by Reforma Avenue. The room was big and comfortable.

2 weeks in Mexico Travel Itinerary - Mexico City

3 days in Puerto Morelos

After Mexico City my next stop was Puerto Morelos. I chose this place because it is very near to Cancun airport, but it is NOT Cancun. And it is beautiful. It is a small town directly at the Rivera Maya with a beautiful beach. It is one of the areas in Riviera Maya which is not occupied by “all inclusive” resorts. So here you have the chance to meet the real local life.

Things to do in and around Puerto Morelos
How to go to Puerto Morelos

I took a flight of Volaris from Mexico City to Cancun. In Cancun Airport I picked up the car we had hired in advance and drove to Puerto Morelos in about 30 minutes. Really easy.

Where to stay in Puerto Morelos

I stayed in Buenos Dias Guest House but I wouldn’t recommend it. I choose guest houses to support locals and get in touch with them, but the hosts were not around and we couldn’t find any opportunity to have a chat with them. So check booking.com and agoda.com and decide for yourself.

2 weeks in Mexico Travel Itinerary - Puerto Morelos

2 days in Valladolid

Now it’s time to experience the real Yucatan. Here you can see how the Spanish conquerors built cities on top of Mayan towns by destroying the Mayan buildings to use the stones and build their own colonial cities.

Things to do in Valladolid
  • Wander around the colonial city
  • Eat traditional Sopa de Lima in Meson del Marques
  • Go swimming in the Cenote Dzitnup (only 7 kilometers away from the city of Valladolid)
How to go to Valladolid

The drive from Riviera Maya, in my case from Puerto Morelos to Valladolid took 2 hours by car. The directions are pretty straight forward and easy to find.

Where to stay in Valladolid

I stayed at Hotel Colonial La Aurora and definitely can recommend it. It is very central and the room is clean and spacious. There is also a pool in case you want to swim a bit and relax in the sun. To compare prices check booking.com and agoda.com.

2 weeks in Mexico Travel Itinerary - Valladolid

2 days in Merida

Now we are in the capital city of Yucatan. Again here the Spanish conquerors built their colonial city after destroying the Maya city of T’hó and used the stones of the remains to build their colonial buildings. Have a deeper look at the walls of the cathedral to spot some of those stones.

Things to do in Merida
  • Wander around the colorful streets
  • Visit the Cathedral of Merida
  • Eat Cochinita pibil, traditional marinated pork dish from Yucatan
Day trips from Merida
  • Have a boat tour in Celestún River to see countless pink flamingos. The drive from Merida to Celestun takes 1,5 hours. In Celestun there is also a beach where you can have lunch after the boat tour and observe the local life at beach.
How to go to Merida

From Valladolid to Merida the drive takes about 2 hours with car.

Where to stay in Merida

I stayed at Casa Alvarez Guesthouse which is totally central and the hosts are lovely people. Of course there are many other options for accommodation in Merida. Check booking.com and agoda.com.

2 weeks in Mexico Travel Itinerary - Merida

1 day in Uxmal

Now it is time to experience some real Mayan Culture. If you were impressed by the ruins in Tulum, wait till you’re in Uxmal. The ancient Maya city of Uxmal, located in Puuc region, is one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites.

Things to do in Uxmal
  • Visit the Ancient Maya City of Uxmal
How to go to Uxmal

The drive from Merida to Uxmal takes a little more than 1 hour. So actually you could visit Uxmal also as day trip from Merida. But I preferred to stay there for one night in order to visit the archaeological site early in the morning before everyone else arrives.

Where to stay in Uxmal

I stayed at Uxmal Resort Maya which is a bit more expensive than other stays but it is super close to the archaeological site. Also the room is awesome, clean and spacious. For more options check booking.com and agoda.com.

2 weeks in Mexico Travel Itinerary - Uxmal Ancient Maya City

1 day in Chichen Itza

This is absolutely one of the “must see” highlights in Mexico. I mean you have the chance to see one of the seven world wonders. What would you do?

Things to do in Chichen Itza
  • Visit the Ancient Maya City of Chichen Itza (for obvious reasons)
How to go to Chichen Itza

The drive from Uxmal to Chichen Itza takes about 2-3 hours. You could also visit the Archaeological site of Chichen Itza as a day trip from Merida, but I preferred to stay here for a night so that I can be the first one entering the site before everyone else does. Read my post for tips for the best experience of visiting Chichen Itza.

Where to stay in Chichen Itza

I stayed at Villas Arqueológicas Chichen Itza. It was also a bit more expensive than usual but it was totally worth it. To compare prices of other hotels near to the Archaeological site of Chichen Itza check booking.com and agoda.com.

2 weeks in Mexico Travel Itinerary - Chichen Itza Ancient Maya City

3 days in Akumal

If you now have enough of ruins, it’s time to go back to Riviera Maya to enjoy the sun, sea and beach before you go back. I chose Akumal, because I definitely wanted to snorkel with sea turtles and Akumal is one of the best places to do it.

Things to do in Akumal
How to go to Akumal

From Chichen Itza to Akumal it’s only about 2 hours with car. Akumal is only 1 hour away from the Cancun International Airport.

Where to stay in Akumal

Again here are so many options. Check booking.com and agoda.com and decide for yourself depending on your budget.

2 weeks in Mexico Travel Itinerary - Akumal

What I missed

I’m kind of angry with myself that I didn’t plan it better or differently to include day trips to Isla Cozumel or to Isla Holbox for snorkeling with whale sharks.

If I go to Mexico again

If I would go to Mexico again I would visit the regions Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca.

For essential information about travelling in Mexico read my personal Travel Guide to Mexico. 

For more insights I recommend Lonely Planet's Travel Guide for Mexico or for Cancun, Cozumel & The Yucatan.
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Travel Itinerary - 2 weeks in Mexico

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  1. Swimming with turtles should really be avoided as it is causing their numbers to decline. Walking on the beaches where they lay their eggs should also be avoided. I hope you will add this advice to your post!


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