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Top 3 Ancient Mayan Cities in Yucatan

Best Ancient Mayan Cities in Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

The Ancient Mayan Cities were one of the major reasons why I wanted to visit Mexico. There are many many Mayan cities in Mexico and some of them count to world’s best. You probably have heard of Chichen Itza, right? Well, this one counts even to one of the seven world wonders.

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Things to do in Riviera Maya – Mexico

Things to do in Riviera Maya - Mexico

I guess Riviera Maya is the most visited touristic region in Mexico. Yes, it is touristy and all but it is so for a reason. Riviera Maya has it all. Fantastic nature, cultural heritage, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches and yummy food. There was no doubt that I’d add Riviera Maya to my […]

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2 days in Merida – Mexico

Things to do in 2 days in Merida - Yucatan Peninsula - Mexico

Merida, is the capital city of Yucatan, where the Spanish conquerors built their colonial city after destroying the Maya city of T’hó and used the stones of the remains to build their colonial buildings. It must be part of every travel itinerary if you’re touring in Mexico. I spent 2 days in Merida and had the feeling […]

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Things to do in Valladolid – Mexico

Things to do in Valladolid Mexico Yucatan

The Mexican small city Valladolid is one of the colonial cities in Yucatan Peninsula. If you want to witness real local Mexican lifestyle off the beaten track Valladolid should be in your travel itinerary when you travel in Mexico. I spent approx. 2 days in Valladolid and here are my highlights.

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2 weeks in Mexico – Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary - 2 weeks in Mexico Yucatan

Mexico is a huge and offers a wide variety of things to do and see overall in the country. So before you go, you should decide what you want to do and see in Mexico. For me it was visiting the ruins of the Mayan cities, swimming in a natural sinkhole and snorkeling. Therefore I […]

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