Safety Tips while travelling

Safety tips while traveling

Every time I talk about traveling abroad with friends and family I quickly realise the biggest concern of most of the people is SAFETY. Mostly people are worried about getting mugged. Everyone is scared of getting kidnapped violently. Some enthusiastic travellers might think these feelings are silly and unnecessary.

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How to keep your valuables safe while travelling?

how to keep your valuables safe while traveling

How many times I’ve heard this question? I believe this topic is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to travelling. No matter what destination, by the way.

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Which Travel Vaccinations Do You Need?

which travel vaccinations do you need when traveling to africa asia latin america

When telling your parents your next travel destination is in an exotic region, the first thing they talk about how many dangerous diseases there are, you must be crazy for choosing this as travel destination, why can’t you go to a safer destination?!

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How to travel more with a full time job

how to travel more with a full time job

Everyone tells you to quit your job to travel the world as if it is the one and only option. I have a full-time job and travel quite frequently. How?

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Everything you need to know before you go to Mexico

Travel Guide to Mexico

Mexico is a great country with a wide variety of culture, history, nature, music, food and much more. I already get jealous thinking of people planing their stay (no matter long or short) in Mexico.

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