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Things to do in Tarragona

Things to do in Tarragona - Cataluña - Spain - Day trip from Barcelona

I lived in Tarragona for 3 months during my studies for an internship, also hoping to refresh my Spanish. Most of the people I knew in Tarragona were abroad students like me so that it did not quite help with my Spanish but I lived with two Spanish guys and had the chance to get to […]

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Things to do in Menorca

Things to do in Menorca Balearic Islands of Spain

If you want to visit one of the Balearic Islands of Spain, you should consider visiting Menorca, the small sister island of Mallorca. Menorca is as beautiful as Mallorca, only with less hotels and tourists.

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Top 10 things to do in San Sebastián

top things to do in san sebastian spain basque country

Visiting San Sebastian was like having a short vacation away from Spain while I was living in Spain. This small beautiful town in Basque Country in Northern Spain presents a completely different facade of Spain.

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Bilbao – The Northern Host of Spain

things to do in bilbao spain

“You are not in France, nor in Spain. It is Basque Country.” This was written on a sign of a bar in one of the busiest streets of Bilbao, the biggest city of the Basque country, which is an autonomous community in northern Spain.

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Toledo – A Day trip from Madrid to Forgotten Kingdom

day trip to toledo from madrid

Toledo is the place where you can witness a European city symbolising a multi-cultural and multi-religious medieval society. The once imperial city is known as the “City of the Three Cultures” where Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures lived together.

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