Insider Travel Guide to Hamburg

I guess in the meanwhile everyone knows how I love Hamburg, right? I say it and write it whenever I have the opportunity. In Hamburg, the second biggest city of Germany, I felt home for the first time after I left my home town Istanbul. It is the only German city I felt fully welcome. It might be difficult to get to know people as the Hamburgers are very reserved people. But once they spend time with you and get to know you, you can be sure that you just made friends for ever.

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Visit Yala National Park or not?

When I was planing my trip to Sri Lanka, first thing I googled for images and saw pictures of beautiful leopards. Wow… I have the chance to see a wild leopard in Sri Lanka? Where exactly? First hit: Yala National Park.

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Top 3 Ancient Mayan Cities in Yucatan

The Ancient Mayan Cities were one of the major reasons why I wanted to visit Mexico. There are many many Mayan cities in Mexico and some of them count to world’s best. You probably have heard of Chichen Itza, right? Well, this one counts even to one of the seven world wonders.

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Things to do in Tarragona

I lived in Tarragona for 3 months during my studies for an internship, also hoping to refresh my Spanish. Most of the people I knew in Tarragona were abroad students like me so that it did not quite help with my Spanish but I lived with two Spanish guys and had the chance to get to know the real Spanish lifestyle thanks to their friends and family.

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2 days in Ella – Sri Lanka

Ella is the most visited town in Hill Country among foreign travellers. During the drive from the train station to our guesthouse I was shocked to see how touristy such a small town can get. The cafés and restaurants are “westernised” and there are countless guesthouses and B&Bs.

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