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Insider Travel Guide to Hamburg

Insider Travel Guide to Hamburg for Things to do in Hamburg - Germany

I guess in the meanwhile everyone knows how I love Hamburg, right? I say it and write it whenever I have the opportunity. In Hamburg, the second biggest city of Germany, I felt home for the first time after I left my home town Istanbul. It is the only German city I felt fully welcome. […]

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A Weekend in Rügen Island

Things to do in Rügen Island - Baltic Sea - Germany

What a beautiful island it is Rügen! The largest island of Germany, located off the coast in the Baltic Sea and 300 km away from Hamburg. Statistics say most of the German people still spend their vacation in Germany and Rügen Island is clearly one of their favourite destinations.

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Street Art in Rivington Street – East London

It wouldn’t be wrong to name East London as the most creative area of the city. The neighbourhoods from Spitalfields to Shoreditch is full of street art.

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Top 10 Things to do in Bruges

top 10 things to do in bruges belgium featured

Everyone who watched the movie “In Bruges” dreams of visiting this surreal town in Belgium. The cobblestone streets, canals, medieval squares and towers offer the best conditions for a great movie set indeed.

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Street Art in Brick Lane – East London

I think I won’t be exaggerating if I’d say London is the Capital City of Street Art in Europe. Probably everyone saw a piece of Banksy’s political and satirical street art, who started in Bristol, England and spread throughout the world in a short time.

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