Things to do in Istanbul in 3 days

3 days in istanbul

If you are reading this blog post, you probably think of visiting Istanbul or even already planning your visit. So obviously I don’t need to explain how amazingly beautiful and awesome this city is.

Oooo and crazy big! Istanbul in 3 days is a challenge. You know you’ll have to leave a lot out of your “things to do” list and even doing it so, you’ll be exhausted anyway, after absorbing so much historical and cultural awesomeness.

So if you can, plan couple of days more to truly enjoy your visit and to avoid rushing around. At the end, you’ll need to prioritise your “things to do” list according your interests and I recommend to get familiar with the districts in advance which will help you a lot when it comes to orientation, which again makes it easier to plan your day.


Things to do in Istanbul Neighbourhoods

  • A: Sultanahmet

In this historic centre you can visit most of the historical sights such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar   

Istanbul Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Blue Mosque

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

  • B: Eminönü

Walking down from Sultanahmet by following the lines of the tram, you will arrive in Eminönü area, where you can visit Yeni Cami (New Mosque) and Spice Bazaar. Eminönü is also one majors stop for the ferries to Kadiköy, the other side of Bosphorus.

Istanbul Eminönü

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

  • C: Galata – Karaköy

From Eminönü you can across Golden Horn thanks to the Galata Bridge (NO it is not the Bosphorus Bridge) which connects Eminönü with Karaköy. From here you can either walk up to Galata district to visit Galata Tower or take the short underground funicular, Tünel to get to Beyoglu.

Istanbul Galata Bridge

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

  • D: Beyoğlu

The district between Taksim Square and Tünel is called Beyoglu which is the heart of Istanbul’s cultural, intellectual and entertainment life. This area is perfect for eating, drinking and clubbing.

Istanbul Istiklal Street Nostalgic Tram

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

  • E: Kabataş – Beşiktaş – Ortaköy

From Taksim Square you can take the funicular to Kabatas and walk along Bosphorus till Ortaköy passing by Dolmabahce Palace and Besiktas. In Ortaköy you can spend some quality time right in front of the shimmering waters of Bosphorus and have closer look at the famous Bosphorus Bridge.

Istanbul Ortaköy Mosque

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

  • F: Kadıköy

If you want to see the Asian side of the city Kadiköy is the perfect place to start with. Either from Besiktas or Eminönü you can take the ferry (vapur) to Kadiköy and witness real local life of Istanbul. I so much would like to see your face when you see how this side looks even more European than the European side itself 🙂

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Inform yourself more about Istanbul

Now that you have any idea about the main districts, let’s plan your days in Istanbul. In this post I’ll rather focus on the route and daily plan and will not explain each sight in detail. For this I recommend you to get a good travel guide like Lonely Planet.

What to do in 3 days in Istanbul

Day 1 in Istanbul

Things to do in Istanbul Walking tour from Sultanahmet to Tunel Beyoglu

Hagia Sophia

Start your day in Hagia Sophia, as early as possible before the crowds invade this former church, seat of the Patriarch of Constantinople, later the mosque symbolising the power of Ottoman Conquerors , and now a mind blowing museum. It is amazing that they still discover mosaics after centuries.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)

After Hagia Sophie pass though the park and walk to Sultan Ahmet Mosque, famous for its handmade blue mosaics tiles on the interior walls. It is still serving as a mosque, so respect the people praying around.

istanbul sultanahmet mosque blue mosque

Basilica Cistern

Now dive into ancient history again and enjoy the mysterious ambient underground. Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnici) is my personal favourite. But again here, try to avoid the crowds by coming either early in the morning or late in the evening.

Istanbul Basilica Cistern

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Spice Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı)

From Basilica Cistern walk down to harbour, to Eminönü, by following the tram lines. On your way down you’ll pass by many traditional restaurants and shops. Either stop by to ease your appetite for Turkish food or handcraft. Or go straight ahead to Spice Bazaar to absorb thousands of aromas from the orient.

Istanbul Spice Bazaar

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Yeni Cami (New Mosque)

Don’t forget to have a closer look at Yeni Cami which is actually not new at all. Its construction lays back in 16th-17th centuries.

Istanbul Yeni Cami New Mosque

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Galata Bridge

Now across Golden Horn over the Galata Bridge, not to mistake it for Bosphorus Bridge. Have a small talk with the locals fishing on the bridge. Stop for a minute in the middle of the bridge to look right, left, back and forward. This here is one of my favourite views of Istanbul, in the middle of its daily life.

Istanbul Galata Bridge

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens


If you’re still hungry try “balık ekmek” (fish sandwich) after crossing the bridge, in Karaköy at a waterfront restaurant. Balik ekmek contains a grilled and salted mackerel fillet served with onion and a little bit lettuce inside a white fluffy bread and you can squeeze a little piece of lemon if you want to. While eating your balik ekmek, enjoy the view of Yeni Cami and Galata Bridge from a completely other perspective.


Now head to Tünel, the shortest underground railway ever. Take the funicular to get to Beyoglu.

istanbul tünel tunel finucular


Around the 1,4km long Istiklal Street, Asmali Mescit, Cihangir and Çukurcuma you are now in the heart of Istanbul’s cultural, intellectual and entertainment life. It counts as 21th century’s Bohemia for intellectuals and artists from all around the world.

Follow the line of the nostalgic tram, have a drink with view in one of the countless roof top bars and restaurants. If you still have powers, go to a live music venue or a night club and witness the amazing night life of Istanbul.

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

In this map I marked the places I personally like and would recommend. Of course there is a lot more. Decide for yourself what you want to do, see, eat and drink. No matter what you choose, I’m sure it will unique.

Day 2 in Istanbul

Things to do in Istanbul Walking tour from Topkapi Palace to Galata Tower

Topkapi Palace

Yes, there are still historical sights to visit. And you can’t miss this one if you want to see where and how the Ottoman Sultans have been living back then. If you want to visit Harem, remember that costs extra and count with additional 1-2 hours.

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Istanbul Archaeology Museum

Even more history can be found in the Archaeology Museum which houses objects from almost all eras of world history.

Grand Bazaar

Now it’s time for shopping and wondering the Ottoman architecture with 61 covered streets and over 3,000 shops. It is easy to get lost in this bazaar and guess what, yes, it is the best way to visit it. Don’t let the vendors annoy you, just ignore their calls (it’s their job to sell), stay calm, smile friendly and enjoy this historical atmosphere.

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Süleymaniye Mosque

Don’t miss the largest mosque in the city. Its courtyard has something magical. Stop for a while and enjoy the silence.

Walk down to Atatürk Bridge passing by the unknown streets of Istanbul. You’ll be surprised to see the forgotten old wooden city villas. While crossing the bridge take a loot at the Galata Bridge on the right side.

Neve Shalom Synagogue

Once you’re on the other side of Golden Horn follow the way to Galata Tower by passing by Neve Shalom Synagogue, the largest Sephardic synagogue in Istanbul.

Galata Tower

This over 700 years old tower offers a beautiful 360˚ view of Golden Horn. To avoid the crowds get there early in the morning or late in the evening.

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Galata Mevlevi Musuem

If you’re open for religious spiritual rituals book this one-hour ceremony to watch the dervishes whirling. It is kind of medidation.

Beyoglu again

Let your day fade out in one of the countless restaurants, bars and clubs in this area. If you like sea food try Midye Tava and Midye Dolma in Balik Pazari and have beer in one of the small tables and stools (as if made for hobbits) in Nevizade Street surrounded by restaurants where you can have a real Turkish dinner with Raki & Meze.

Day 3 in Istanbul

From Ortaköy to Kabataş

Things to do in Istanbul Walking tour from Kabatas to Ortaköy

In Ortaköy you can have your breakfast or a Kumpir (baked potato filled with stuff) at one of the waterfront cafés while watching the ships sailing by and have a closer look at the Bosphorus bridge. Ortaköy has a special place in my heart because my parents lived and met here, and I grew up listening to stories my father told me about the life and people of this once multi-religious and multi-ethnical neighbourhood.

istanbul ortaköy mosque view from ferry

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Now take a digestion tour and walk back to Kabataş. On your way back you’ll see Çırağan Palace, once a palace of the Sultan, now one of the most expensive hotels of the city. Carry on and pass by the busy streets of Beşiktaş‘s harbour area.

After a short walk from Beşiktaş you’ll arrive at Dolmabahçe Palace, residence of late Ottoman Sultans and founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

If you don’t want to walk, you can take the bus lines 22 or 25E between Ortaköy and Kabataş (tram and funicular station).

Bosphorus Tour

You are in a city surrounded by water everywhere and now it’s time to spend a little bit time on water.

With Dentur Avrasya you can either take the ~2 hours hop on/off Bosphorus tour (departure hourly between 12:45 and 17:45) or the ~5-6 hours Long Bosphorus Tour (depart once a day at 11:15). Try avoiding the weekend for this tour.


After the Bosphorus Tour, if you have time left take the ferry from Besiktas to Kadiköy, to cross Bosphorus and set foot on the Asian continent.

Things to do in Istanbul Walking tour in Kadiköy

Have a look at the interior of historical Haydarpaşa Train Station built in 1909. Take a walk from the harbour to Moda and have a closer look at Istanbul’s local life.

If you spend your evening in one of Kadiköy’s fish restaurants and bars take the yellow Dolmuş (~6TL) to get back to Taksim square (avoid rush hours).

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

If you stay longer

Prince Islands

A day trip to the Prince Islands offers a great contrast to the big city life of Istanbul. Avoid doing it at the weekend though. Dentur Avrasya offers also Island Tours from Kabatas. Heybeliada is less crowded than Büyükada.

Walk from Ortaköy to Emirgan

Spend a glorious day walking from Ortaköy to Emirgan all along Bosphorus.

Visit a Hamam

If you want to experience the Ottoman way of bathing surrounded by incredible architecture and history visit Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam near to Hagia Sophia.

Eyüp District

From Galata Bridge, take a walk to Eyüp to visit Patriarchal Church of St. George, Kariye Museum (Chora Church) and enjoy the view of Golden Horn from Pierre Loti Café.

istanbul golden horn

Where to stay?

I’d recommend to stay in Beyoglu to be close to the places you’d end your evening (restaurants, bars, live music venues and clubs). This way you can avoid driving or walking longer distances at night. Besides this area is very well connected with nostalgic tram, funicular / Tünel to Kabatas and Karaköy, metro, bus, tram, dolmus, etc. Walking from here to the historical centre Sultanahmet is easy-peasy anyway.

Getting Around

Get Istanbul Card directly at the airport and you won’t regret it. With this card you travel for almost half of the regular price and you can use it almost everywhere like Metro, Tramvay, Nostalgic tram, Metrobus, and Vapur.

Museum Pass

If you plan to visit most of the museum, consider buying the museum pass with which you also have the advantage of “fast track”.


Almost everywhere, especially in the Sultanahmet area, there are many exchange offices where you can easily exchange US$ or €. I’d recommend to exchange at least a little bit directly at the airport.

Stay safe

Pickpocketing is pretty common in any big city like Istanbul, especially in touristic places. So just be aware of your belongings all the time. I use the  handbag of Pacsafe which has some pretty cool safety features, like “imbedded steel web” and “slashguard strap” which is cut-through resistant. I can only recommend this bag. And it is big enough for a 13″ macbook, iPad, kindle, camera, lens, headphones and all that.

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Come back!

Even after this full packed program you’ll realise there is still so much to do and see in Istanbul. So start planing your next visit already.

Read my personal travel guide to Istanbul for "Everything you need to know before you go to Istanbul".

For more insights get the Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Istanbul.

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3 days in Istanbul

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