Travel guide to North Cyprus

Travel guide to North Cyprus

I know North Cyprus is not an internationally recognised country and I shouldn’t be counting it as one but honestly who cares… The northern part of the island is a beautiful hidden gem in Mediterranean Sea waiting for you to be discovered. My brother lives in North Cyprus and I’ve been there for three times so far […]

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Travel guide to Sri Lanka

travel guide to sri lanka

“Welcome to Sri Lanka. Wonder of Asia” was written on the billboard at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. The slogan proved itself right. Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is a fantastic destination in Asia where you can have it all… Pure nature, wildlife, pristine beaches, cultural heritage, […]

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Everything you need to know before you go to Istanbul

travel guide to istanbul

Istanbul is an awesome travel destination where everyone can find something for their taste. In this 15 million big city you can dive deep into history and travel between two continents at the same day. The key to truly enjoy your urban adventure in Istanbul is to be well prepared. Let me help you with it.

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Things to do in Istanbul in 3 days

3 days in istanbul

If you are reading this blog post, you probably think of visiting Istanbul or even already planning your visit. So obviously I don’t need to explain how amazingly beautiful and awesome this city is.

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Everything you need to know before you go to Mexico

Travel Guide to Mexico

Mexico is a great country with a wide variety of culture, history, nature, music, food and much more. I already get jealous thinking of people planing their stay (no matter long or short) in Mexico.

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