10 reasons why you should not go to Mexico

10 reasons why you should not go to mexico


You will never ever enjoy Mexican food outside Mexico again. Let’s assume you find a real good Mexican restaurant in your town (you won’t), it won’t be as cheap as in Mexico. So stop trying.

mexico Mexican food


You will think you don’t need to snorkel or dive somewhere else because this is it! There are really awesome snorkelling and dive sites in Mexico. Isla Holbox, Cozumel, just to name the most famous ones…

If you’re interested in diving you might like to read about the “Most Inspiring Dive Sites On The Riviera Maya” by Charli Moore from Wanderlusters.

Here is my little fellow I swam with in Akumal. He was getting air for 3 times and I could not manage to film it properly. I was just too excited..


You won’t care about the pyramids in Egypt anymore. The Maya cities in Mexico are one of a kind. Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Tulum (just to name some) will make you believe you are in an Indiana Jones movie. Rather don’t go… Otherwise you won’t recover from this awesomeness.

mexico maya city chichen itza


After relaxing in one of the beaches in Riviera Maya you’ll suddenly realise that you have never been relaxing before.

beaches in mexico


The cenotes (natural pits/sinkholes) in the Yucatan Peninsula will spoil the joy of swimming in natural pits anywhere else. But how to cope with the curiosity to explore what’s underneath? Every cenote has its own magical atmosphere in which you simply forget about the world outside. Besides, swimming in the cool turquoise waters is the best treat you can give to your overheated body after exploring a Maya city.

mexico cenote


The life and love story of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera will top all other love stories you’ve heard of before. Plus, their art will blow you away.

mexico frida kahlo diego rivera


You won’t get the word TOPE (speed bump) out of your mind. If you drive in Mexico you’ll need to slow down every 500 meters in order to save the bottom of your car from the damn tope. The good thing is you see all the small villages on the way and this is real Mexico.

driving in mexico volkswagen vw beetle in mexico


You won’t take the traffic police serious in other parts of the world anymore, after you see the ones in Mexico wearing bullet proof jackets, carrying big shotguns and of course damn cool sunglasses. I thought only the combat troops would look like this. Then again they were very kind explaining us the way every time we were lost (again). By the way, pay attention to other drivers what they do, because you won’t understand the signs the police make if you should now drive or stop.

mexico mexican police


The regular cemeteries you’re used to from your country will appear quite different to you. In Mexico each grave is like a little house with personal belongings. And all together, a graveyard looks like a colorful small town.


From now on bright colours will mean something else to you. When you’re back home and the moment you think everything around you is grey, you’ll know you made the biggest mistake of your life by going to Mexico.

mexico celestun pink flamingos

Your life will never be the same after breathing in the Mexican air.

For more insights I recommend Lonely Planet's Travel Guide for Mexico or the travel guide for Cancun, Cozumel & The Yucatan.
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