Spend a day with Gaudí in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona - Gaudy Architecture Tour

Barcelona is  a city where you perfectly can combine a day at beach, an architecture tour from medieval to modern times, a culinary tour from Spanish to Arabic cuisine and an “all night long party”.

Barcelona’s architecture fascinated me at most. At all eras Barcelona has been strategically an important city which shows itself today through its cultural heritage.

When you talk about architecture in Barcelona, everybody thinks of Antoni Gaudí, who architecture dominates the city. Gaudí’s buildings and parks look like as if they jumped out of a fantasy book and to me it a reason enough to fall in love with this city.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is the most famous work of Gaudí, which he however has not managed to end it. The construction of this church is like a never ending story which started at 1892 and will carry on till probably 2026. This church is simply awesome from inside and outside and you have a spectacular view from its tower.

barcelona gaudi tour la sagrada familia

Parc Güell

Parc Güell (built between 1900 -1914) is the perfect example for Catalan Art Nouveau. It is famous for its surfaces covered with “trencadis”, mosaic created from broken tile shards. Gaudí built also other buildings for Eusebi Güell, a Catalan entrepreneur, like Finca Güell, Palau Güell and Colonia Güell which also can be visited in Barcelona.

La Pedrera – Casa Míla

Casa Míla , better known as La Pedrera, is my favorite one. The building is like a manifest of deformation. The curved facade with its artful iron balconies reminds me of a blurry memory of a fantasy book. And inside it is also as quite astonishing.

La Pedrera – Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is again a perfect example for the Gaudí’s revolutionary architecture. The whole facade of this building is covered with Catalan Art Nouveau elements such as colorful ceramics, stones, and irons. This building is like a door opening to a world of fantasy. These little balconies which look like a ghost, like a phantom… I just love it… 


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