Best Beaches in Curaçao

best caribbean beaches in curacao

Are you looking for white sandy Caribbean beaches? In the small relaxed island Curaçao there are many of these dream beaches.

In the west side of the island the beaches with crystal clear waters are accessible easily in the west side of the island. The drive from the south to north takes not longer than 45 minutes.

I listed some of these Caribbean beaches for you.

My favourite beaches are in the north-west coast of Curaçao. In the island map of Events Curaçao you can find them all.


Playa Kalki

This small sandy beach is located just before Westpunkt. It is named after the limestone cliffs surrounding it. Kali means limestone in Papiamento, the official language of Curacao.

The surrounding trees make it even more beautiful here but make sure to stay away from them while raining, because these Manzanilla trees are poisonous.

You can snorkel and dive here on your own which is a great way to save money as you don’t need to pay extra for a snorkel tour.

There is also a cute cafe with colourful chairs and tables and a dive shop. The entry to the beach is free but you need to pay 6$ for chair and shades.

curacao playa kalki

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

Santa Cruz

The locals prefer to go to this pretty sandy beach Santa Cruz, especially during weekends. There are no chairs but picnic banks under big umbrellas where you can have a BBQ and spend a day with friends and family.

At “Let’s Go Watersports” you can rent a kayak or take a ride with water taxi to visit “The Blue Room” for snorkelling.

The entry to Santa Cruz beach is free.

curacao playa santa cruz

Playa Lagun

I loved the fishing boats on the sand waiting for their next ride. The water in Playa Lagun is clear and shallow which makes it perfect for travellers with kids.

It is a very popular snorkel and dive site thanks to the healthy corals at the drop-off.

The beach entry is free and there are enough shades. Well maybe not enough at the weekends.

At the dive shop, Discover Diving, there is a nice bar/restaurant, called Willy’s where you can escape the sun to eat, drink and chill a bit.

curacao playa lagun fishing boats

Cos Abou

I haven’t seen the Cos Abou Beach myself but it is supposedly also a beautiful white sandy beach with crystal clear waters.

The admission fee is 5.80$ during week days and 7.20$ during weekend. The entry point where you pay is not directly at the beach which means you pay for it without even seeing it, which appeared to be pretty awkward to me.

curacao playa santa cruz

Cabana Beach

Like most of the beaches in the southwest coast of Curacao, Cabana Beach is located in front of a resort hotel, Van der Valk Resort.

The DJ music attracts rather young vacationers. So, be careful with your choice if you’re looking for a spot to relax.

The entry to Cabana Beach costs 3,50$.

Before you go

  • Snorkelling: If you snorkel don’t forget to bring open heel fins combined with dive boots.
  • Underwater camera: If you make underwater photos and videos I can recommend GoPro with a Red Filter for blue water color correction.
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  • Getting around: I recommend to rent a car prior to your arrival. The rate is usually around 40-60$ per day.
  • Accommodation: Check for price worthy accommodation. We stayed at Atlantis and felt very comfortable.curacao atlantis diving and apartments room view
  • Getting there and away: You can fly from/to US, Europe, South America and other destinations in Caribbean with the usual suspects KLM and Delta. Insel Air is flying frequently between the Caribbean destinations.
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