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Visiting a Cat Café in London

how to visit a cat cafe in london

Finally! I’ve been to a cat café. While revisiting London 15 years later I had the chance to visit a café full of cats. This happened totally spontaneously as I was actually looking for street art around the Old Street, Shoreditch area.

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London calling!

Finally! Me and London meet again! After 15 years. I can’t express myself with words how excited I am. You need to see me jumping and dancing around. The closer the flight time gets the wider my smile in my happy face gets.

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5 Characteristics representing Vienna

Vienna… How to describe Vienna? I always imagined Vienna as a set of a movie about a musician, an imperial king, an artist, from the year 18hundredandsomething, whose paths cross as a result of a chain of coincidences. And guess what! My imagination became reality with my visit to Vienna.

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Notorious neighbourhoods of Hamburg

best neigbourhoods of hamburg to go out

On every occasion I write about how much I love living in Hamburg. The proof is here.  Now it’s time to write about the neighborhoods that make this city to the one I love living in so much. I know many of my Hamburger friends will hate me for writing this post as this kind of […]

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A little bit about street art in Hamburg

street art in hamburg

Someone once told me that the presence of street art shows the intellectual richness of a city. I never stopped believing in that statement.

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