Street Art in Rivington Street – East London

It wouldn’t be wrong to name East London as the most creative area of the city. The neighbourhoods from Spitalfields to Shoreditch is full of street art.

Be careful. If you’re also as fond of street art as I am it might take hours to walk just 500 meters long street.

In my blog post Street Art in Brick Lane I wrote about the street art in the Bengledeshi neighbourhood near to Spitalfields Market. In this post I cover the street art in Rivington Street, which is only 15 minutes walk away from Brick Lane.

I came to Rivington Street to see the protected pieces of Banksy which are in the beer garden of the music venue Cargo.

street art in london banksy graffiti area rivington street cargo 2

street art in london banksy his masters voice rivington street cargo

But as soon as I entered the Rivington Street I knew there is a lot more than Banksy here to see. I felt like diving into a special world of street art where word wide best street artists left their art here for us to absorb.


Stik’s figures are done with such simple shapes but they can express so much emotion with their simplicity. I love them.

street art in london stik rivington street


Just before turning the corner to Rivington Street, you’ll see a famous piece of the Belgian artist ROA who is known for his black and white paintings of animals which are native to the area being painted.

street art in london roa old street

Otto Schade

First time in Camden Town I saw Otto Schade’s art which is easily recognisable with its tape form. This one is at the beginning of Rivington Street.

street art in london otto schade shoreditch

Ador & Semor

The French duo are known for their surreal scenes which often symbolise current events in a satirical way.

street art in london ador and semor old street

Ador & Semor – A scene symbolising the destruction of the nature and local life


The French urban artist Invader is known for his square ceramic tiles which invade the cities all over the world.

street art in london invader old street

Thierry Noir

The famous French artist Thierry Noir painted his murals on the Berlin Wall in the mid 80s which was definitely revolutionary and is recognised as forerunner of the modern street art.

street art in london Thierry Noir shoreditch


The Brazilian artist Cranio is famous for his blue Indian characters who symbolise the Brazilian indigenous people. It could not have been chosen better. Cranio often picks themes from current social political issues.

street art in london cranio rivington street


The Belgian artist Joachim says himself “When I’m filthy, tired, and have nearly died a couple of times, that’s when I know it’s been a good day”. You can recognise his work with the oversized assured teeth and eyes of the figures.

street art in london joachim rivington street

Ben Eine

The British artist Ben Eine is known with his huge colourful letters he writes on the walls of East End in London. This is “Scary” under der Overground Bridge in Rivington Street.

street art in london ben eine rivington street

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens


The Colombian artist Stinkfish recreates photographs as street art murals. He believes that street art has no limits and gives any one the opportunity to participate.

street art in london stinkfish rivington street


The smiling fish of the Spanish artist PEZ (fish in Spanish) are overall and make not only you happy but also himself.

street art in london pez rivington street

Read more about the street art in East London in my blog post Street Art in Brick Lane.
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street art in rivington street east london

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