Visiting a Cat Café in London

how to visit a cat cafe in london

Finally! I’ve been to a cat café. While revisiting London 15 years later I had the chance to visit a café full of cats. This happened totally spontaneously as I was actually looking for street art around the Old Street, Shoreditch area.

If you don’t know it yet, yes I’m a cat fan. I love cat content in internet and no I’m not ashamed of admitting it. I’ve been reading about the Cat Cafés in Japan, Hong Kong, etc. and knew that in some major European cities there were also cate cafés. The first one was opened in London (as far as I know).

Therefore as I was planing my visit in London, I included “visiting a cat café” on my to do list. However didn’t manage to make a reservation after all. Usually without a reservation you can’t go to a cat café. So I thought, well ok maybe next time then…

But it was my luck day 🙂

london cat village cat cafe walk-in

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

I was wondering in the area around the Old Street to catch up with the newest street art of London and see two famous works of Banksy. I realised a cute cat observing the street life out of the window. The window was open but protected with a fence so that the cat could not jump out.

While I was trying to get her attention I realised that there were a lot more cats inside. Then I saw the sign. Cafe with Cats! Oh… This is a cat café! They accept walk-in? So I don’t need a reservation? At that moment it was clear that I go in and spend a little bit time with the cats. I convinced my partner and we walked in.

london cat cafe cat village

How it works in a cat café?

At the entrance of London Cat Village the stuff explains the ground rules:

  • You pay 5£ per person for an hour
  • For food and drinks you pay on top
  • Take your shoes off
  • Don’t pick up the cats
  • Don’t disturb them while they eat, drink and/or sleep
  • Don’t feed the cats
  • No photography with flash
  • Keep your voices down
  • Be respectful and give them space

At the weekends and during peak hours you will need a reservation. Lucky me, the time I was there, the café was empty and I could just walk in. We ordered drinks and took a seat next to Midnight who was quenching his thirst. I immediately fell in love with this beauty.

I recommend everyone to visit a cat café if you don’t have the possibility to keep pets at your own home. It is a good way to fulfil your longing for cats. Spending time with cats is relaxing, their silly actions (like following a red dot forever) make you laugh and their super soft fur feels like a massage therapy.

Here are some photos of that day which might convince you to visit a cat café too. Let me know if I managed it?

how can i visit a cat cafe in london

how visiting a cat cafe works london

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

london cat cafe ground rules

Photo by Ingmar Sörgens

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2 Comments on “Visiting a Cat Café in London”

  1. Good insight into a cat cafe – I didn’t know you couldn’t pick them up, but that makes sense. I wouldn’t normally pay £5 to sit in the company of cats, but it could be a nice de-stresser if I were having a really bad day! 🙂

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