Curious Trunkfish

Isn’t it cute? 

I filmed this funny trunkfish in Wayaká in Bonaire National Park Washington Slagbaai with GoPro Hero4 Black while snorkelling.
The tiny GoPro must have seen like a small fish so that she (I named her Auntie Sammy) came closer and closer to find out who that new fish is in the neighbourhood.

Then she called the colorful and handsome French Angelfish (his name is Uncle Tammy).

Klein Bonaire French Angelfish Woodwind

He also swam all around the camera but I was too stupid to set up the GoPro correctly (I’m getting better), so that I have a video cut off from either top or bottom and I don’t think it’s worth posting it.

Nevermind, as you can see I had some wonderful hours swimming, playing and communicating with those fish in Wayaká. I wonder if I would meet Sammy and Tammy again if I should be visiting Bonaire again.

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