Packing list for smart travelers

I love all sorts of check lists. Packing is way easier with a check list and you can be sure not to forget anything. You know that feeling… on the way to airport you drive yourself crazy… “Did I forget something? Yes I did… Sure I did…” Don’t worry. You did not. Well, with this list you won’t.

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Living in Hanover?

I was a student in Hanover. It was a nice warm summer night, which was pretty rare for this region of Germany. The BBQ grill, a dozen of wine bottles, tee lights, the moist meadow,  the blankets covered with used dishes are not enough to describe to atmosphere of the evening.  I was in Hanover for 1,5 years already and that night, after a long time, I could see the stars in the sky again.

Someone started playing a song on guitar. It sounded so melancholic… I asked her to play it again. And again. And again…

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