A different history of Olympos

It’s been almost 20 years the first time I was in Olympos. No, not the one in Greece, the one in Turkey, near to Antalya. Olympos was a Lycian city, dating back 4th century BC, located in a beautiful river valley between the Beydaglari mountain group along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

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Safety Tips while travelling

Safety tips while traveling

Every time I talk about traveling abroad with friends and family I quickly realise the biggest concern of most of the people is SAFETY. Mostly people are worried about getting mugged. Everyone is scared of getting kidnapped violently. Some enthusiastic travellers might think these feelings are silly and unnecessary.

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Things to do in Valladolid – Mexico

Things to do in Valladolid Mexico Yucatan

The Mexican small city Valladolid is one of the colonial cities in Yucatan Peninsula. If you want to witness real local Mexican lifestyle off the beaten track Valladolid should be in your travel itinerary when you travel in Mexico. I spent approx. 2 days in Valladolid and here are my highlights.

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A day trip from Riga to Sigulda

Day trip from Riga to Sigulda Latvia

If you are in Latvia, you definitely need to visit Sigulda. Just one hour drive away from the capital city, Riga, you can arrive in Sigulda, and spend a beautiful day in that part of Gauja National Park. Sigulda is also called Little Switzerland, because of the sandstone rocks and caves in the area.

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