Tram in Lisbon

The trams in Lisbon are absolutely a highlight.

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Kenya – Lands of infinity 

Travel to Kenya

The latest tragedy in Kenya (142 students were killed in April) reminded me once again how ignorant western countries are, when tragedies happen in far away countries. As Islamist terror killed 17 people in France in January this year all my friends were talking about it, for days and weeks, but nobody really mentioned the tragedy in Kenya. Some didn’t even know. I remember the march of the most influential politicians in France… Why don’t they do the same for the victims in Kenya? With these thoughts I felt the urge to finally write a post about my visit to Kenya where I went on a 4 days safari, in the Lands of Infinity.

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Flaming Portuguese Sausage

If you are in Lisbon, Portugal (and not vegetarian or vegan) you should definitely try this flaming Portuguese sausage.

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What makes Istanbul special?

Istanbul is the city I grew up in and I couldn’t be luckier. This city offers so many facades, so many tastes, so many colours of life it is not comparable with any other city. Not for me. Even though I don’t live there anymore, my most precious family does and I try to visit them as much as I can. I am and always will be “Istanbuler”. Well, since I live in Hamburg I started calling myself “Istamburger”. In this post I’ll write about things which make Istanbul special for me. I’ll try to keep it short.

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Why I love Hamburg?

After Istanbul, Hamburg is the city I stayed in at longest (till now). I live here since 2009 and already declared it as my home. Well, yes the weather is shitty and blah and all that… But honestly Hamburg is one of the greatest cities I lived in.  You want to now why?

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