London calling!

Finally! Me and London meet again! After 15 years. I can’t express myself with words how excited I am. You need to see me jumping and dancing around. The closer the flight time gets the wider my smile in my happy face gets.

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5 Characteristics representing Vienna

Vienna… How to describe Vienna? I always imagined Vienna as a set of a movie about a musician, an imperial king, an artist, from the year 18hundredandsomething, whose paths cross as a result of a chain of coincidences. And guess what! My imagination became reality with my visit to Vienna.

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Notorious neighbourhoods of Hamburg

best neigbourhoods of hamburg to go out

On every occasion I write about how much I love living in Hamburg. The proof is here.  Now it’s time to write about the neighborhoods that make this city to the one I love living in so much. I know many of my Hamburger friends will hate me for writing this post as this kind of writings attract more tourist and attention which causes gentrification.

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7 hills 7 viewpoints of Lisbon

I believe one of the reasons I like Lisbon so much is because of its geographical similarity to Istanbul (my home city). Tagus River like Bosphorus, 25 de Abril Bridge like Bosphorus Bridge, Tram 28 like the nostalgic tram in Beyoglu and last but not least 7 hills these beautiful cities are built on.

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How to avoid crowds in Chichen Itza

how to avoid crowds in chichen itza

You probably heard of Chichen Itza before. One of the New Wonders of The World since 2007. The ancient Maya City has always been very popular but after it was voted as a world wonder the amount of visitors has been doubled, if not more. Hundreds of tour buses packed with tourists bring millions of visitors per year to the archaeological site in Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula. Its popularity is well earned and it definitely should be in your list too. But how to avoid the crowds?

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