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Top 10 things to do in Mexico City

top things to do in mexico city

Mexico City… the city everyone is scared of! The parents, the friends, the travel guides, the woman sitting next to me during the flight, well everyone warned me how dangerous Mexico City is. And yes they managed to scare me off. I was scared to death to be outside after sunset, I was scared to take […]

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How to avoid crowds in Chichen Itza

how to avoid crowds in chichen itza

You probably heard of Chichen Itza before. One of the New Wonders of The World since 2007. The ancient Maya City has always been very popular but after it was voted as a world wonder the amount of visitors has been doubled, if not more. Hundreds of tour buses packed with tourists bring millions of […]

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Cenotes in Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico

cenotes of yucatan mexico

If you are around Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, you should not miss the opportunity to swim, snorkel or dive in the turquoise cool waters of these cenotes, “sacred well” in Mayan language.

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Everything you need to know before you go to Mexico

Travel Guide to Mexico

Mexico is a great country with a wide variety of culture, history, nature, music, food and much more. I already get jealous thinking of people planing their stay (no matter long or short) in Mexico.

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A random cemetery in Mexico

The cemeteries in Mexico are one of a kind.

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