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Travel guide to Aruba

Aruba was the last stop of our island hoping tour within the ABC Islands (if you ask why ABC Islands, then read this), after Bonaire and Curaçao. As I’ve never heard of this island before, first thing I did was googling it. First picture I saw was of pink flamingos standing on the white sandy beach. I was flashed and started day dreaming immediately… Lying on a beach hidden by limestone formation and palms, listening to the waves of the crystal clear waters, my feet covered with sand and tasting the salt on my lips, while the flamingos fly around.

Did all this happen? Well, let’s put it that way; not exactly the way I dreamed of it.

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Travel guide to Curaçao

When I heard the name Curaçao I only thought of that blue liqueur. This changed after we changed our plans and re-booked our Vietnam flight tickets and decided to do island hoping in the Caribbean ABC Islands. The first island was Bonaire, where we had an awesome snorkeling experience. After Bonaire the next stop was: Curaçao

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A travel guide to Bonaire

After I wrote why I didn’t travel to Vietnam but to ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) instead, it is now time to write about these islands starting with Bonaire which is the first among the ABCs I visited.

After a 4 movies (Big Eyes, Inherent Vice, Mortdecai and Birdman) long flight we arrived in Bonaire in the evening. Hotel Roomer organised a taxi which picked us up at the airport and 5 min. later we were at the hotel. We spent the rest of the evening at the hotel bar and got the first “things to do” tips.

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