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How to travel as full-time employee

travel tips for full time employee

Not a backpacker! I’m not a backpacker. Not anymore! I traveled this way in the past which was really cool. I once hitchhiked along the southwest coast in Turkey. It was so much fun.

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Why I didn’t travel to Vietnam but to ABC Islands instead

Before I write about my experiences on ABC Islands let me tell you why I decided to visit them. Well, I was actually planning a trip to Vietnam and applied for visa. According to my researches all German citizens AND citizens with permanent residency in Germany (like me) can apply for it via post by sending […]

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Packing list for smart travelers

traveler packing list

I love all sorts of check lists. Packing is way easier with a check list and you can be sure not to forget anything. You know that feeling… on the way to airport you drive yourself crazy… “Did I forget something? Yes I did… Sure I did…” Don’t worry. You did not. Well, with this list you […]

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